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3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Fest featured at Coagula Art Journal

Aug 20th, 2011 Estela Gama, Jose Lozano, Sam "Muel" Pedraza, Michael Pukac, Efren Luna, Ray Vazquez, Jesus "Chuymosca" Martinez, and Dave Wrathall featured at Coagula Art Journal


Efren Luna at The Burgundy Room, May 2010


About Coagula

The Print edition of Coagula Art Journal was founded in 1992 as an antidote to the theory-addled and fashion-driven forces in the world of contemporary art.

Coagula remains clarity amidst the ambiguty of contemporary art and the neutered, star-struck art world; we don't fuck around here.

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Efren Luna at The Cellar Gallery, May 2010


About Coagula

The Print edition of Coagula Art Journal was founded in 1992 as an antidote to the theory-addled and fashion-driven forces in the world of contemporary art.

Coagula remains clarity amidst the ambiguty of contemporary art and the neutered, star-struck art world; we don't fuck around here.

LA Office Phone:

Box 5228
Huntington Park, CA 90255


Fly People Profile: Efren Luna



An artist with many styles. An independent curator embracing creative diversity. A Mexico-born, Long Beach-bred Scorpion, Efren Luna is making moves all over this city and his heavy involvement in the arts is quite respectful.

Efren credits much of his talent to his professors at both Long Beach City College and Long Beach State and says he would have never finished college if it wasn’t for their inspiration and motivation. However, he developed his passion for curating all on his own, once realizing that he collection of art was so diverse, it was going to be difficult to pitch to a gallery.

Here is a Q&A with a little more insight to what Efren is all about, where he started and what he is doing currently.

Q. Tell me about where you were born, grew up?

A. I was born in Mexico and was brought to LB at as a kid. I was raised in LBC. I am a product of the LBC education system. I attended school here from grade school, middle school, high school, LBCC & CSULB! Long Beach is home to me and is the reason I now concentrate most of my projects here.

Q. How long have you been involved with art?

A. Wow! I guess most of my life but always had a thing for drawing. As a kid I really couldn’t draw but learned as my interest for it grew. I would say that professionally, since I took college classed. I have an AA degree from LBCC in Studio Art (2003) and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from CSULB in Drawing and Painting (2007). I started showing my artworks in college at student shows and display-cases at art departments.

Q. Do you remember the first piece of art you were proud of?

 A. Yes I do, kind of. It’s been a while. I actually remember a painting I did in my art class in high school. It was of two, very colorful, South American birds!  That’s when I remember being inspired to become an artist and my teacher seemed like she loved her job and was an artist herself.   

Q. Did anyone in particular get you involved with art?

A. No. Not anyone in particular. I do have to credit my cousin and some of my teachers in school for inspiring me to continue college. But most of my inspiration to pursue my art career was from all my college professors. They are professional artists and I always admired them! I looked up to them and it was reassuring that I had picked the right path!

Q. What was your first time organizing or curating an event?

A. Back in 2008 I had been out of college for about a year and had not shown my own work, since my styles vary, it was hard for anyone in galleries to take me serious, so I thought. Then in clicked, I should have a show and invite others to join me for a big group show with art and live music and DJ’s. The idea grew and I found an underground space in Los Angeles. It was a great success and inspired and set me in motion to continue doing shows. So after that show I had many other successful shows in Hollywood, Whittier, and Los Angeles. In the art world the news moves quickly so I took the opportunity to take on the LB art and music scene.

Q. What do you like about being a curator?

A. I love being a curator because it’s a different thing then being an artist. There are so many things that go behind the scenes that I as an artist wouldn’t have imagined. It gives me insight into the world of art, access to people and the opportunity to encourage people and artists. I take the role serious and my approach is to do the best every time. It’s a lot of work but worth it to make a difference in people’s lives!

Q. Tell me about the events/galleries you are associated with?

A. I am an independent artist and curator. Though I work with many other groups at times and I’m part of other artists groups too.  As an independent curator I have the freedom to work in any environment from coffee shops, galleries, festivals, nightclubs, anything  any space I can use I will use and make something happen!

I have started my own organization AMC (Art, Music & Culture) www.efrenluna.webs.com through which I list what my intentions and purposes are and list all my projects and events. I now have an official gallery space for AMC. I curate the space, which is part of Phantom Galleries empty retail spaces program and sponsored by the RDA in LB.


Here are some festivals in LB I am affiliated with: GreenLB Festival, Long Beach Funkfest, Latin American Festival

Here are some art groups I am affiliated with: Phantom Galleries LA LB, Aphidoidea, Artists as Art, NFIA, The Long Beach Experiment & Art, Music & Culture

Q. Any other events to highlight?


It’s an official name now and I love it! It basically takes place the second Saturday of each month. I am proud to say AMC Gallery is part of and has a new show for every art walk! The naming of this art walk mainly highlights LB and the downtown area. Since the Long Beach downtown area is a bit scattered, on a map it would look like a word puzzle, the idea of this name is to embrace all the art spaces and galleries in downtown LB which are many. The art spaces go from the Pike, 3rd & Elm, Linden & Broadway, Pine, Linden &4th, the museums and much more!

Q. What do you like about the city and people of Long Beach?

A. I love the school system that fosters the arts! I love the diversity of people, the art culture and music culture. The museums and the nightlife! You can find authenticity in many cultures.

Q. What changes do you hope to see in the art community in the near future?

A. In regards to the arts in LB, as we speak, I think many changes are happening for the better. LB has become a grassroots grounds for innovative and creative people. The LB Downtown Art Walk is going through an expansion process that will highlight LB even more as an arts and cultural destination!

Q. Any other comments?

A. Thank you very much for your interview and for what you do for the LBC! I love Long Beach! I am Long Beach!




The Long Beach Experiment


For the past few days, an event/posting kept popping up on my Facebook. Everywhere I looked “Long Beach Experiment” was there. So....I had to check it out. And with one simple email to Efren Luna (curator, co-producer, and promoter for the show), I found out how amazing this project is!

The Long Beach Experiment began in 2009 and was a once a month event at the old Blue Cafe. Until Efren Luna proposed the idea to Chris (Creator of the show, from Rebel Kat Ent) to do the show every Wednesday. The Long Beach Experiment includes Art exhibitions, performance art, comics, live painting, live music on top of the visual arts that include sculpture, drawing, painting, fashion, animation, film, photography, handmade jewelry and crafts.

Efren Luna is no newbie to the LB scene. Luna was raised in Long Beach and definitely calls it home. He has done many shows in LA, Whittier and Hollywood. Luna was the man behind the organizing, securing a venue, booking the bands, curating the art, promoting, and writing press. He definitely had proven he could do it and from there joined The Long Beach Experiment. “The LBE was around since 2009 and since I joined the team now mostly everyone in the LB scene knows about it. “ Luna has also started his own organization, AMC Art, Music & Culture. Check it out and see a list of all of his projects and events.

“The LBE for me is a way to pay back to LB and being instrumental in its success feels great. I am looking for many venues and to create this kind of environment in the LB scene,” Efren explains of his hopes for the show. “I am trying to put Long Beach on a higher place when it comes down to the Art scene. I have been actively curating shows in LB with Phantom Galleries and with LBE among other LA locations. But personally the goals are much bigger I want to penetrate the art scene at a global scale and bring LB with me!”

I know I can’t be the only one to be excited about what Efren Luna and The Long Beach Experiment has to show and offer! The events sound amazing and tonight will be your chance to catch the experience. It all starts at 8pm at The Cellar. Enjoy the art show, poetry readings, performance art, and much more. Go and support The Long Beach Experiment tonight! Or maybe you already have. If so, tell us your thoughts and/or post some photos in the comment section below.

As always


Icup II_Synthetic Landscape / APHIDoIDEA


 Using 4,000 paper cups and 15,000 staples, APHIoIDEA’s newest installation is gracefully suspended from the ceiling, creating a new spatial experience in previously un-utilized storefronts.  The architectural installation is part of PHANTOM GALLERIES, an organization that places temporary installations in vacant storefront windows throughout LA to instantly form a new public art gallery.

A video, more images/diagrams and more about the installation after the break.

Using a mundane material, the installation transforms the ordinary paper cup into the principal design component responsible for creating this almost other worldly object.   The abstract landscape gently cascades and tumbles across the space due to its motion system – a motion/heat sensor that activates the crankshaft to rotate the cups.

The installation calls attention to the paper cup, a disposable entity that last an average of 10-15 minutes, and fosters a new relationship between user and object. “This installation seeks to counteract the ordinary relationship between the user and the object through challenging assumptions and ideas regarding inconsequential consumption and invisible waste by shedding light on the throw-away paper cup,” explained the designers.

Art / Architectural Installation Title: Icup II_Synthetic Landscape

Installation By: APHIDoIDEA : Jesus Magaña / Andrew Hernandez / Jackie Muñoz / Paulina Bouyer / JJ Paredes

Curator: Efren Luna / Phantom Galleries Opening / Released : 07-10-10 / Open now @ E. 3rd Street Long Beach, CA 90802

Special Thanks: Jarod Allen, Carlos Hernandez, Alma Muñoz, Andre Bouyer


Arte chicano en “Tijuana progresivo”

(  Se publicó en: Edición impresa )     

Edición miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010   

TIJUANA.-El artista Enrique Chiu, por invitación de los organizadores del 2do festival “Tijuana Progresivo” que se realizará en esta ocasión en la explanada del CECUT este sábado 24 de julio, organizó a algunos artistas de Estados Unidos, en especial San Diego, para venir a exponer su arte en esta ciudad. “Son cerca de 9 artistas, los cuales pertenecen a mi asociación Nacional Foundation of Independent Arts (NFIA). Esta asociación nació hace 6 años y nos juntamos para realizar eventos y exposiciones a beneficio de varias causas sociales”, indicó el artista en entrevista.

Entre los artistas que participarán en este festival alternativo, se encuentran Diego “Yeyo” Aguirre, Chatismo, Maria Estrella Rodríguez, Ale Barahona, Efrén Luna, Joel Sánchez, entre otros. “Algunos de ellos sí muestran en su obra arte chicano, con colores y símbolos que identifican a todos los latinos. Los organizadores del festival confiaron en mí para traer a estos artistas. Ellos buscaban nuevas propuestas de arte, atrayendo a más personas y visitantes, que no quedara solamente en lo local”, comentó

Será este 24 de julio que Enrique Chiu y el artista “Yeyo” Aguirre realicen arte en vivo, con un tema que se enfocará en la celebración del Bicentenario de la Independencia de México. “Vamos hacer murales. ‘Yeyo’ es más surrealista y yo más abstracto entonces combinaremos ambas propuestas. Además de nosotros habrá otros artistas que realizarán obras de graffiti”, ahondó.

Luego de esta exposición, Enrique Chiu viajará a Guanajuato para exponer parte de su obra en un festival y seguirá trabajando y dirigiendo su Centro Integral de Arte y Diseño, ubicado en esta ciudad.

Cabe recalcar que el objetivo del festival “Tijuana Progresivo”, es consolidar la escena musical y artística de la región y propiciar alianzas con colectivos para proyectar el talento a nivel nacional e internacional.


17 art murals at Press Telegram Lofts to be created from We Love Long Beach logo


press-telegram-lofts 17 muralsPress Telegram Mural Project by EPKvision.com.Press Telegram Mural Project by EPKvision.com.

Councilmember Robert Garcia, in collaboration with the Arts Council for Long Beach, the Molina family, and the community non-profit group We Love Long Beach, has organized the creation of 17 murals at the vacant Press-Telegram lofts, at 6th Street and Pine Avenue, to take place the weekend of June 12 and 13.

A ceremonial kick-off is scheduled for June 12, with public program and official remarks beginning at 11am sharp Saturday. Refreshments will be served.  Anyone wishing to be involved with the project should contact the Robin Jones of We Love Long Beach at volunteer@welovelb.org.

“I’m excited about this unique, creative opportunity to showcase great public art in Long Beach by local artists.” said Garcia. “I’m grateful to the Arts Council, We Love Long Beach, the DLBA and the Molina family for contributing their time, money and creativity to this project.”

The mural, funded by the Molina family, who own the building, and the Arts Council of Long Beach, a non-profit organization, will be created from 17 giant We Love Long Beach logos, stenciled in advance in a band around the entire façade, and then each interpreted by a different artist or community group. Several of the artists are affiliated with Artists as Art, a downtown group of artists organized by curator Liza Mitchell.

The mural will be temporary, remaining until the building is developed.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to create synergy between local artists, our downtown business corridor, and residents who want to feel connected and energized in their community,” said Craig Watson, the Arts Council of Long Beach Executive Director. “We’re thrilled Mr. Garcia brought this forth and very glad to help.”

“The Arts are vital to our city because of their ability to create community,” said Adam Ferry of We Love Long Beach. “The Press Telegram Panels represent a unique opportunity to celebrate, collaborate and beautify our home. We are grateful for the developing partnership with  Councilmember Garcia, The Arts Council and the Molina Family. May this effort be the first of many.”

“This iconic building deserves iconic art,” said Garcia. “This will really improve the appearance of the whole neighborhood.”


Art & Music Culture is alive at “The Cellar” on Experimental Wednesday’s


The night is bright with brilliant Art and Music culture. The Cellar space is just the beginning of the long beach experiment. A foundation for live entertainment is the word out there and there is nothing else to do no but attend the explosive Cellar on wed nights and if you have an idea that you would like to share please let curators Efren Luna and K. Howell know and the coordinator J.Chris Ornelas should know as soon as you have a plan they would love to invite you to express your experiment. I walked into an experience that I will never forget a wall to wall of artist’s, poets, Performance artist’s and Musicians all inter weaving their own style amongst each other. This evening by far is one of the most important nights to attend in the long beach community so I will see you at The Cellar on Wednesdays! Don’t forget to check out the pictures from the show on our PICS page or our LBPP Flickr page!


The Long Beach Experiment at the Cellar

Wednesday, July 28

The Long Beach Experiment is a gathering of electronic, experimental, and/or unique musicians and bands of all backgrounds, that come together at THE CELLAR in downtown Long Beach. Also included is spoken word artists, performance artists and anything different that comes along. The goal is to bring together memorable and one of a kind shows to Long Beach. We hold our shows on EVERY WEDNESDAY. ART&MUSIC SHOW!! Please check our listings weekly. $5 when you mention my name EFREN LUNA at the door. $7 regular.Several Evolver poets (devin aka cheshire, christine petit, alexandra laspesa, eusebio, tony aka wanderlust, dolphin brain, annie gholson) will be performing with live percussion and beats.Those who come to see them as the "Evolver Poets," will see their $5 contribution go toward the Long Beach Time Exchange launch...just mention "Evolver Poets' at the door.    
The Cellar
201 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 756-3428


Efren Luna's little piece of Long Beach

A Little Piece of Long Beach
A Little Piece of Long Beach
April 12, 2:25 PMLong Beach Fine Arts ExaminerMolly Mackin

There is a story behind every piece of art. There is something significant, something juicy, and even the artist may not recognize the extraordinary circumstances of the creation of the artwork until he or she describes them for someone else. 

For Efren Luna's "A Little Piece of Long Beach," those extraordinary circumstances almost kept the piece from being in existence today. He created the piece as a first attempt at abstract painting for a college art class he had been attending. "On the last day of class, I couldn't go . . . and I didn't get a chance to get the painting until the next day," he said. "When I got there, they said 'No, sorry, we threw everything away.' I panicked." He went out to search the dumpsters, and rescued his painting from one of them, with a few more marks than before to tell the tale.

The piece is oil on canvas, with two whirling dark purpley-blue patterns colliding in the center of the painting, and exploding with sparky color. The painting is dusted with sand from the beach, and Luna told about how, as a kid, the place he felt the strongest connection with was the beach. "I was constantly broken-hearted by the pollution . . . I saw how people didn't take care of this place of natural beauty," he remembered. His art has become his expression for the passion he feels about the environment. He is also passionate about promoting local artists: he's been curating several shows in the area.



Perceptual Vision

Curated By:
Efren Luna

Organized By:
LB Creative

Installation Artists:
Paulina A Bouyer
J Eduardo Magaña

340-342 E 3rd

Perceptual Vision:
A multi-perceptual experience of consciousness through a storefront
A perceptual ‘object’ can be defined as a spatio-temporal coincidence of its different attributes: for example, an object could be a large, red, moving square. If the different attributes occur, in different places, can they still define an object? And, would it still be defined the way it is normally perceived? Art challenges this perception, it is the individual mind that binds these attributes into our mere perception. The installation focuses on an evident parallel of what happens with our conscious recognition when objects are not perceived in the "spatio-temporal coincidence" way.

The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency is proud to partner with Phantom Galleries LA in the revival of empty storefronts along our major corridors, while also showcasing the arts and helping to build a sense of community and culture in Downtown Long Beach. For more information, visit LongBeachRDA.org


Exhibition of Memorial Concepts









Artist(s): Efren Luna, United States

Rate this proposal: 3 (Votes: 2414

Proposal Title: Blanket of Comfort-ness Memorial, 03/17/2008, Mixed media

Proposal Synopsis: Artist Statement I am currently working in mix media works. My emphasis is in the exploration of painting and drawing and of how they relate and a sit in the art term. I Am investigation the boundaries and tampering with the ideal or traditional visual perceptions. I also in the process hope to explore sociological issues in hopes of bringing my environment into my work to express the personal and the social element and hope to understand its intervals. Art is for me a �??blanket of comfort-ness�?� it is my tool, my vehicle to navigate and explore the universe. This vehicle, art, does not belong to me; it�??s shared by many and is available for all to share and travel with. I invite all to use and find their own �??blanket of comfort-ness.�?�

Artist's Biography: Efren studied art at Long Beach City College (Associate of Art 2004) and California State University, Long Beach in 2007, from which he received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting.


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